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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The Ramp & Idwal Stream

Out on my own again today, and thought I would see how the ice was looking above Idwal. I didnt arrive at Ogwen until 10.30am, and it was warm! A severe thaw was in full swing and the walk up to Idwal was in slushy water.
Plenty of ice on the usual routes, although most of it was falling down & pouring with water. Decided to climb The Ramp though, as it is very sheltered and there was still some good ice left on it if you picked your line carefully. Although I was clobbered a few times by falling ice several times. Maybe not the most sensible route choice today!
Then over to Idwal Stream where I soloed the first 3 pitches (the interesting bits!), then descended mixed ground to the side.
As I was walking back on the path towards the slabs, there was one almighty crash as a very large section of the Devils Appendix fell down. Must have been about a 20 foot piece!

Met Sean & Dave when back at the carpark (hi lads) who had just climbed the Cneifion Arete. They reported pretty awful snow conditions in Cwm Cneifion, and a lot of loose powder on the Arete which made for an interesting ascent.

It would seem that the avalanche risk is very high at the moment. One climber who was on Trinity Face on Snowdon today witnessed 4 avalanches.

Pic 1: The Ramp (left) & The Screen (right)
Pic 2: First pitch of Idwal Stream
Pic 3: Idwal Stream
Pic 4: Alpine like Glyders again!

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