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Friday, 12 February 2010

Trinities & Ice fun!

Went with my good friend Mike.F today back onto the Trinity Face of Snowdon. Left Hand, Right Hand, Central & Cave Gully were all climbed today to my knowledge. Left was in great condition with good ice towards the top according to one very enthusiastic climber, we did Central which again was faultless from bottom to top, another team did Right Hand but I didn't get chance to talk with them. A team we spoke to at the summit had just done Cave Gully and said it was 'desperate' on the crux.
We were even treated to some parting of the clouds today, and glimpses of fantastic views at the top.

There are dozens of icefalls forming all over the s.slopes of Garnedd Ugain (on the right of the Pyg Track going up). There were several climbers on various ones today. We had a solo of some excellent ice. Ranging from 30-35 degree through to full 10m vertical climbable icefalls are popping up all over these slopes. Great for practising your ice climbing!

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