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Friday, 5 February 2010

Tower Slabs

Went up into Cwm Cnefion today with Mike Lell. Much better than expected. We climbed Tower Slabs (variant, only Mike knows what that means!) which still had plenty of ice on it. Some of it a wee bit wet, some of it 'dinner plating' (as they say), but thoroughly enjoyable & very climbable.
Tower Gully also in good nick with a team in it. Easy route gave us a good descent on neve back into the cwm (my glissade nearly went horribly wrong!).
Mike went for a quick blast then up Hidden Gully, again in excellent condition. A team of beginners were in it, pitching the route having a ball.
Y Gully left hand branch & Y Gully right hand direct still had a lot of ice in them and looked very do able, but as we were soloing we didnt fancy it.

Devil's Kitchen area is completely stripped of all snow & ice. Looking across to Y Garn there was still certainly snow on Banana Gully, A Gully & B gully etc, but can't comment on the condition of it. Also from the Glyder plateau you could see it was still white over in Cwm Glas area.

Unless there is any sub zero temps soon none of it will last though. If you are going out, do it SOON.

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