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Monday, 8 February 2010

Trinity Gullies - Clogwyn y Garnedd

On my own again today so I thought a quick poke around on Trinity Face on Snowdon was in order. Very poor visibility above 800m today. Snow conditions were fantastic, like climbing thick polystyrene, great axe placements every time. I did Central Trinity (thanks to the team of two who let me pass them) in great nick. Left Hand Trinity also looked sweet, Right Hand I poked my head into looked do able but a wee bit lean for my liking. Some fresh snow on the face, but not enough to be of concern. Plenty of spindrift coming down, and poor visibility added to a sense of adventure!
Great Gully is a route I haven't done, but would like to. Had a peek today and there certainly was decent snow & ice in it, but a couple of hefty looking chockstones looked very bare & a bit scary for soloing, so decided against it today.

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