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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Soloing Torquing Shit V(6) by Ryan -- plus Dave Garry's blog

Had an email off Ryan last night:

Hi Andy

I ended up soloing torquing shit V(6) yesterday. Snow not at all consolidated and ice completely unbounded from rock, but the majority of clogwyn du was very well rimed up. Quite a lot of parties out including a pair on travesty. Will do a proper write up and send photos through Monday morning if that's okay as don't get back to Cardiff and a computer till tomorrow afternoon.

Bloody hell Ryan nice effort! If a bit scary!
Also I read that Dave Garry & friends were out yesterday and climbed Manx Wall. You can read abot it on Dave's blog here

Although conditions are fairly poor and thawing quickly, the forecast suggests much colder weather kicking in from tomorrow onwards. Fingers crossed.

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  1. Ryan are you sure it was talking Shit ..?
    may mates did that yeaterday and said there was no sign of any traffic before them. they then abbed of due to the thaw and rain.