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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Cwm Fynnon Lloer - Sat 1st Dec (by Dan)

Hi Andy. I wandered up into Cwm Fynnon Lloer yesterday. Hourglass Gully was complete but still had plenty of rocks poking through, so I headed up Broad Gully instead. It had seen a reasonable amount of traffic by this time (about 11:45 I guess), and there were a couple of bits of grass to be navigated around in the lower reaches. After that, snow cover was good and reasonably consolidated until the top 20%, where it was much less firm and really just a thin layer over loose rubble. Things were definitely melting up until the point I left (14:00), so conditions may have been better on Friday or early on Saturday. While it was definitely worth going out, I think some reports may be suffering a case of early-season enthusiasm as it certainly wasn't the most snowy gully climb I've ever done. Regards Dan

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