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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Cwm Idwal and Cwm Cneifion 6/01/2011 by Mike Peacock

I had this email from Mike late this afternoon. Thanks Mike, looks like you had fun!

Hi Andy and a happy 2011!

I managed to get out today. Me and Gareth Harvey wandered into a sorry (and sodden!) looking Cwm Idwal. The top of East Wall Gully looked reasonably complete so we headed through the rain to it. Despite the snow on the approach being quite soft conditions in the gully were very good although there were a couple of rocky steps halfway up.

Into Cwm Cneifion (and still with no sign of the cloud shifting) we went looking for some decent ice on Cneifion Stream and found a bit, but not much. We headed on to the back, past a nice collection of mini-igloos, but called it a day soon after as I'm still recovering from the excesses of Christmas! Typically as we walked out the cloud lifted. There were a few people on Easy Route and Tower Slabs, and it did snow quite heavily for a while.

Hope that's of use to people,


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