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Friday, 17 December 2010

A lot of snow!

Oh yes, a lot of snow!
The forecasts were right & a large amount of snow has fallen overnight & today in Snowdonia, with lots more due over the weekend.
I did have a plan with Carl to meet up & climb the Persons Arete, but due to the forecasts we cancelled those plans last night. I did still take a drive down the A55 this morning with the intention of heading up to Ogwen to see how things were looking. However I got no further than the A5/Bethesda turn off & had to turn around & come home due to the build up of snow. There was no way that my car was going to make the drive up to Ogwen! There were plenty of abandoned vehicles on the A55, and I can only imagine how much snow there must be on lesser roads. Llanberis had a foot of snow overnight!
Looks like there will be no real fun to be had in the mountains this weekend, unless your idea of fun is wading through knee to waist deep powder!

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