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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Its melting FAST

Despite horrendous conditions on the A55 (jack knifed lorries, car crash, abandoned vehicles) I managed to get to Snowdonia today.
Went up Pen Y Pass first but had to follow the snow plough. Eventually got to carpark at about 10.30am, to discover it completely deserted (and blocked) except for the wardens van which was covered in snow, and a 4x4. Not a soul on ther hill, spooky.
So seen as there was literally nowhere to stop, I dropped down the other side and headed down to the A5. The roads were eerily deserted as I slithered my way along in my Ford Galaxy!
There was not a single vehicle at the layby at foot of Tryfan, although in fairness apart from the road, all parking was covered in about 2 foot of fresh snow!
However at Ogwen cottage there were a good 20 cars as per usual, not in the carpark but on the road side. Making the most of the fast melting ice.
And it is melting fast by all accounts.
Climbers were on the usual suspects at the head of Idwal, but reports suggest sugary ice at best, and total melt down by the end of the day.

Much warmer condiions are forecast for the next few days plus 5 or 6 at mid level, and not getting below freezing again until next tues/wed. Then warming up again towards the end of next week.

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