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Friday, 22 January 2010

Cwm Glas & Parsley Fern

I was on my own today & headed up to Cwm Glas. Very mild indeed again with snow still melting. Pretty much no snow in the lower cwm (sargeants gully area), but in Cwm Glas Mawr there is plenty of snow and many of the winter routes there looked good. I headed up Parsley Fern gully in knee to waist deep unconsolidated snow in the lower part of the gully, really hard going. I dug a pit here and isolated a block of snow, but there was no avalanche risk here. Another 100m or so up the gully it was a different story. Snow was firming up in places, but when I dug another pit & started to isolate a large block the whole thing immediately avalanched full depth under its own weight. I am no expert, but that was slightly concerning.
Anyway it was good to be out, and maybe if we get a good freeze or two (although forecasts don't suggest that unfortunately) those gullies will be there for the taking. Sinister gully is one I have my eye on.

Top pic: Cwm Glas Mawr
Middle pic: Panorama shot
Botton pic: Llyn Padarn in Llanberis this morning

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