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Friday, 8 January 2010

Alpine Snowdonia!

Wow! Stunning in the mountains today (friday), bright clear blue sky, and tonnes of brilliant white snow. You would think you were in the Alps (apparently, never been myself).
Today I met up with Ali Andrews from RAF Valley, and we headed up to Sargeants Gully. Nant Peris area was pretty much deserted with hardly any traffic, and empty laybys, and it wasn't even early about 9am.
Cascade climbs (see photo) were deserted, but they looked in great climbing condition to me.

I only went as far as the start of Sargeants with Ali as I wasn't feeling too well. Ali continued on to solo Sargeants Gully, and I spent a couple of very pleasant hours taking photos & walking back to Llanberis. (and feeling sorry for myself!)

Although all ice routes seem to be formed/forming, powder snow, and lots of it are still the order of the day. Freeze thaw is desperatley needed.

Bryant's Gully (very clear gully in centre of top photo) is a really good grade II scramble in non winter conditions, and although it is s.facing I think it might provide some good ice now. I will have a look next week and report back.

Top pic: Looking across to Bryant's Gully on the Glyders.
Bottom pic: Cascade & co.

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