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Monday, 29 November 2010

Climbing ice in Wales in November!!!

Yes it is true, there is ice to be climbed & it is still November! Today I was on my own & headed up to Idwal as I had heard there was a good bit of ice in Idwal Stream (II/III). And there was most certainly was! Not as fat yet as it was when I climbed it last winter in December & February, but plenty to climb. As usual it provided great sport & I had a thoroughly enjoyable day. Apart from spraining my ankle on the Devil's Kitchen descent path, which means I have had to cancel meeting up with my good friend Sean Mercer tomorrow (sorry Sean!) for some winter routes in Cwm Cneifion. I should be back climbing a route or two on Thursday with Davey C, so will have to wait until then.
There were 2 teams climbing White Hope on the Idwal Slabs today, and I saw 2 climbers starting out on South Gully at around 2.45pm which I was suprised at as it is only half formed. No other ice routes in Idwal are fully formed yet, but there is a good build up of ice on them all, so by the weekend I'm sure most will be getting ascents.

Pic 1: Topo of Idwal Stream ice
Pic 2: Climbers starting out on 1st pitch
Pic 3: Looking up pitch 2
Pic 4: Some good steep ice above pitch 2
Pic 5: Me in my element!

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