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Sunday, 27 December 2009

Cwm Cnefion reliable again

Andy McQue and I walked up to Idwal today to see how things were looking, and well it was not too good. Most the ice in Devil's Kitchen area looked to have gone. The only thing that still looked to be formed was South Gully, but we did not take a close look.
Instead we did East Wall Gully up the left hand side of Idwal Slabs. Pretty much stripped bare until the last 20m or so where there were some snow & ice patches.
However once we popped our heads out into Cwm Cneifion it was a different (and much whiter) story.
We headed up and did Tower Gully, in what at times was some very testing weather! Snow being blown up the gully as we were climbing. Plenty of snow & ice in there & well worth a visit. Not perfectly consolidated neve snow etc etc... but great fun, and the severe wind & hail made it quite interesting.
Very poor vis today, so no idea what anyone else was on in Cwm Cneifion.
LOTS of snow forecast for tuesday.
Pic 1: A miserable sight above Idwal.
Pic 2: East Wall Gully.
Pic 3: Andy encountering ice in Tower Gully.
Pic 4: Me at 'the Tower'.

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