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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Complete whiteout on Y Garn!

Today Mike & I did the bottom section of the North East Spur on Y Garn, then cut across right to Cwm Clyd to take a look at the gullies there. It was blowing a gale with very poor vis & graupel stinging our faces on the way up.
We decided on a blast up Banana Gully which had a good amount of snow, although the bottom 100m or so was frozen crust on top, with soft snow underneath. Got much firmer higher up though. Top 50m or so of Banana Gully was a full on howling gale & hard graupel almost unbearable. Small cornice at top, but once we were over it the wind was honestly the worst I have ever encountered anywhere, a full on raging storm with vis dowm to about 3 or 4m! Testing but fun, I think!
Lots of snow still forecast, and low temps.

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